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Need instrumentals for your lyrics?..

My name is Rudy Rivera and I am very passionate about music. I have been performing in many different places with our Christian Pop-rock band And we still perform till” this day.

I teach beginners to even Pros!
I’m very patient with my students, because patience, is key to success and music is what feelings sound like!

In Studio Lessons: 45 Minutes $20.00

Music Production: $50.00 per Instrument or Beat and $25.00 per hour for Vocals and final mix down.

Location: Charlotte, NC

I teach: GUITAR, BASS, DRUMS, PIANO, Song Writing and Singing LESSONS!
Contact Rudy Rivera: simply Leave a Comment down below!




  1. Leenna Regalado says:

    You guys r the best! of the best!! Thanks;)

  2. Ryan Higgins says:

    My son want to learn how to play the electric guitar. I was told you maybe willing to give lessons at lincoln charter school in Lincolnton. I was wandering if you could call me at 828-461-8813
    Ryan Higgins

  3. Rena says:

    I wish you’d teach violin lessons! Can you recommend anyone who does here in Lincolnton?

  4. Crystal Willkins says:

    Hi Rudy. Thank you for your reply to my search for a piano teacher for my daughter and I. Probably more so for me, but she has expressed some interest. Can you tell me what type of scheduled availability you have? I would only be available in the evenings Min-Fri, but due to the distance I would prefer weekends. And just to confirm the rate is $20 an hour? Are there any other fees? Thank you for your time!

    • Rudy Rivera says:

      Hi Crystal, My availability from Mon-Friday is from 5pm-10pm.or anytime in the morning. I usually don’t do weekends, but I can do a Saturday here and then. Yes it’s $80 upfront per student, this covers the whole month. 4 hour lessons a month. 1 lesson a week

  5. deonantonia heath says:

    my name is Deon and I am interested in starting piano lessons. You can reach me at 980-230-3421.

  6. Jayne Kendall says:

    My daughter wants to learn more of pop singing. Is that something you would do?

  7. Tameka says:

    Hello, please advise my next steps. I paid for the $15 lessons and want it for guitar. Thank you!

    • Rudy Rivera says:

      Hey Tameka! Thanks, I just now received your payment. I will send the video by tonight. You’ll get a special link Via Youtube, that only you can watch, please do not share this link.

  8. Nina says:

    Hi Rudy

    Just FYI- I sent you an email inquiring about lessons.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you

    • Rudy Rivera says:

      Hi Nina, what instrument are you interested in learning?

      • Nina says:

        I’m sorry. Piano

      • Rudy Rivera says:

        Hi La Nina, I can continue with her lessons. I can do mon-friday between 6-9pm. Here is my address: 12006 diploma drive apt Z charlotte, nc 28262

      • Nina says:

        She is 6 and she has been taking piano for about 10 months with a teacher in her home. Her teacher is moving out of state but I want her to continue her lessons. If you teach students that age please let me know your availability for 30 minute weekly sessions.
        Thank you

      • Nina says:

        Hi Rudy. I paid today for this month of lessons. I sent you an email to confirm her lessons start date and time.
        Thank you

      • Rudy Rivera says:

        Thank you, see you tomorrow at 7pm. She will need a notebook

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